We offer 4 x 4 safari land cruisers and safari customized vans for hire with an experienced safari driver/guide to our esteemed customers for individual or corporate clients.

We want you to have a stress-free rental experience, so we make it easy to hire a car in Kenya by providing simple search tools, customer reviews and plenty of pick-up locations across the Country. We give you the best prices. Not only that, on your needs and preferences, so you can quickly find the right car for you.
Whether you’re looking for a nifty vehicle for city driving or a luxury car for a business meeting or wedding, you will be spoiled for choice at Bush getaways. Don’t forget: many of the great prices you see on our site are exclusive to us, so you know you’re getting a great car at the best price.

Vehicles for Safari must be accompanied by a driver who is an experienced Safari guide and with a valid license from TRA. Our guides have over 10 years experience in guiding wildlife safaris. We can also assist you book your hotels and arrange your safari itinerary to be included as part of your safari vehicle hire at no extra

Toyota Land Cruiser (7 Pax) Safari customized Land Cruiser
– Hire rate per day US$ 250
– Seats 7 comfortably. Each person has a window seat
– Vehicle is safari customized with custom shock absorbers and top hatch for game viewing and photography
– Chauffeur driver by a professional safari driver/guide
– Available for long term car hire at US$ 7000 per month
– Price exclusive of fuel
– Price exclusive of vehicle and park entrance fees
– This vehicle is great for 4 – 7 passengers travelling together
– Each person has a window seat to view wildlife
– Vehicle has large pop-up roof for game viewing and photography
– Vehicle has 2 fuel tanks to ensure you go for long trips without worrying fuel may run out
– Extended chassis allows for lots of room for each passenger
– Comfortable reclining seats
– Load compensating suspension for a smooth ride on rough roads
– Vehicle has CB Radio
– Vehicle has double spare wheels
– 4 doors for easy access


Hire Safari Customized Tour van,8 PAX , safari customized 4 wheel drive vans

Safari Tour Van is mostly suitable for the sightseeing of the wildlife in our Kenyan Game Parks. The fact that the Tourist Tour vans for hire have a Pop-Up roof makes this type of a car very unique and special since it enables easy Photography, since the photographer is able to stand upright while inside the tour van for hire and record his videos in 360 Degrees. We highly recommend this type of the vehicle for people looking for photography vehicles or travelling as group of eight and below.

Safari Tour van for hire are also used by the Kenyans to go for Fun trips, Road trips, Tembea Kenya experience, Cultural events. Tourist Tour van for hire becomes very comfortable since they have reclining seats with safety belt to maximize on your comfort while on a safari with the best tour company Kenya.

Our Most Experienced Tour Guides or Drivers makes hiring this Tour van a very exciting Moment for you and your loved ones. For Spotting wildlife in the park, the vehicle is fitted with VHF Radio that makes our guides communicate with other guides while searching for the cats in the wild. Our Guides are Fun and professional. This ensures that you will get the value for your money.

We also Book hotels or lodges for our customers, so talk to us now and let us take that worry from your mind once and for all.

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